The UAV assembly manual is the best way in which you can begin to perform in aerophotogrammetry. We teach you from scratch, clearly and precisely, to assemble 5 types of UAVS (unmanned aircraft) for mapping, topography, agronomy, forest science, environmental studies among others. It includes parameters, firmware, software for processing and analysis of results, it also tells you where to buy all the components and recommendations of which ones to buy. We teach you how to make flight plans, process your drone data, analyze the data and make the deliverables. In a week you have it armed and doing professional work


Manual 1: The most complete of our Manuals. assembly of UAVs, flight planning, data processing, analysis of results and preparation of deliverables. Includes Mission Planner, Agisoft, and Global Mapper.
Manual 2: (Includes manuals 3 and 4) If you already have a Drone, we will teach you how to plan flights and use Agisoft and Global Mapper.
Manual 3: Agisoft, learn how to use it and all its functions, including “control points” and “vegetation filtering”
Manual 4: Global Mapper, become an expert, point cloud, DEM, contour lines, Orthomosaics, preparation of deliverables.
Manual 5: Learn to use Google Earth like an expert, take measurements, compare images, create maps and load attributes. Export those maps to your cell phone and you have a real-time GIS. Ideal for all types of professionals who work in the field. You do not need a Wi-Fi connection or phone signal to use this tool


We have different designs that are sent in AutoCAD or Corel Draw template, you make them cut and weapons according to the instructions. Gimbal for New Skywalker, Skywalker x8 models and onwards. You can get photographs perfectly perpendicular to the ground and further enhance your surveying work. Gopro camera mount for skywalker 1680 and newskywalker models.

Don't have differential GPS? Can't mark checkpoints (PAF)?

Among the software included in our Manual is: GPS “GARMIN POSITIONING SOLUTION”, our exclusive development of differential correction (submetric) for Garmin GPS. And also UAV PPK SOLUTION our Soft differential for any type of GPS and autopilot.